Your wedding might be the biggest day of your life, and the most expensive, but there are still plenty of ways to save money on your big day.

Get married on a week day

Getting married on a Saturday is going to be the most expensive day of the week to get married on. Both your wedding venue and vendors can command a premium for summer weekend weddings, so if you still want a summer wedding look at choosing a weekday for your nuptials.

Fridays are becoming popular wedding days, but you can save even more money by opting for a Monday – Thursday wedding.

Added money saving bonus: some of your guests might not be able to attend a weekday wedding, saving you even more money.

Trim the guest list

Your wedding guest list can be quite the controversial topic, but remember that it is your wedding and you don’t need to have anyone there that you don’t want there.

Someone will always be unhappy about some aspect of your wedding, so if it isn’t your guest list it will be something else – I promise.

Trimming your guest list will help you to save money on your big day.

Shop around for your wedding dress

Wedding dresses can cost a staggering amount of money, but there are still plenty of ways to get the dress of your dreams within a budget.

Head to eBay to find previous brides selling their designer gowns at a fraction of the cost, or visit bridal shops to look for clearance selections.

You can also sign up for online newsletters from your favourite bridal stores and brands to be alerted when a discount code or sale is on.

Wedding favours

Wedding favours can add a huge chunk to your wedding budget, and you can actually choose to eliminate them altogether.

Of course giving your guests a nice momentum from the day would be lovely, however you don’t have to do this. A lot of the favours are left behind on the tables after a wedding, or are thrown away as soon as the guests get home.

Don’t waste your wedding budget on them.

Visit wedding faires

Did you know that wedding faires are a great way to stretch your wedding budget?

You get a chance to meet vendors who will be showcasing their work. Sometimes you also get samples to try, and because they have paid to be there and want to recoup their costs you can possibly negotiate a discount there and then.

Exhibitors will also have competitions for you to enter whilst you are there – we won our wedding photographer this way, saving a few thousand on our wedding day costs.

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